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I am a postdoctoral researcher at the department of Zoology working with Peter Holland.

My research interests are at the interface of developmental biology and evolutionary genomics. I have a longstanding curiosity for the genomics of minor phyla, particularly chaetognaths. I am generally concerned with the importance of whole genome evidence to better resolve the phylogeny of metazoans. I am currently involved in the sequencing and analysis of many transcriptomes and genomes spanning broadly across metazoan diversity, including lepidoterans, fishes, annelids, molluscs, chaetognaths, cephalochordates, priapulids…

Among ongoing projects, I am attempting to evaluating the functional impact of whole genome duplication in animals using gene expression profiling. I am also trying to uncover new instances of whole genome duplication and to discover unusual patterns of genome evolution after duplication. I am keen on developing a new framework for comparative transcriptomics and functional genomics in an evolutionary perspective.


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